Friday, May 22, 2009

1700 to 1799: The Way of the World to Journal to Stella

Chronology of World, British and American Literature.

William Congreve. British. 1700. Play. The Way of the World. Efforts of urbane, witty Mirabell to marry quick-witted Millamant. Opposition of her aunt whom Mirabell has been courting to disguise his suit for her niece. They decide to marry, but negotiate rights and responsibilities.

Jonathan Swift. British. 1704. Satire. The Tale of a Tub. Ridicule of religious extremists. Ironic digressions. Title from a nautical practice: throwing empty wooden tubs into the sea to divert whales who threaten a vessel.

Jonathan Swift. British. 1704. Literary Criticism. The Battle of the Books. Modern vs. ancient books in St. James’s Library. Outcome is uncertain. Spider = the moderns; the bee = the ancients.

Richard Steele. British. 1709/11. Essays. The Tatler. Light satires and criticisms of contemporary mores. Topics include entertainment, poetry, domestic and foreign news and miscellaneous subjects.

Jonathan Swift. British. 1710/13. Journal to Stella. Swift’s name for his friend Esther Johnson. Reveals his hopes, anxieties, social life and political intrigues.

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