Wednesday, December 2, 2009

1899: War is Kind to McTeague

Chronology of World, British and American Literature.

Stephen Crane. American. 1899. Poetry. War is Kind. Good example of dramatic irony used by Crane in both poetry and prose.

George Ade. American. 1899. Sketches. Fables in Slang. Humorous tales illustrate the common sense of ordinary people. Rendering of contemporary American speech.

Gerhart Hauptmann. German. 1899. Play. Drayman Henschel. Man who promised to be faithful to his late wife is trapped into marriage, bullied and commits suicide.

Winston Churchill. American. 1899. Novel. Richard Carvel. One of the most popular novels ever written about the American Revolution.

Frank Norris. American. 1899. Novel. McTeague
. Phony dentist kills wife and the man who has informed on his lack of credentials. However, he is handcuffed to the corpse in the desert and dies of thirst.

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