Sunday, July 25, 2010

1948: The Naked and the Dead to The Young Lions

Chronology of World, British and American Literature.
Norman Miler. American. 1948. Novel. The Naked and the Dead. Infantry ;platoon invading a Japanese-held island in the Pacific.
Truman Capote. American. 1948. Novel. Other Voices, Other Rooms. Teenager achieves self-awareness and a sense of the emptiness of Skully's Landing.
Ezra Pound. American. 1948. Poetry. The Plsan Cantos. Turns to essentials, to nature, to regain lost emotional and spiritual balance.
Robert Graves. British. 1948. Nonfiction. The White Goddess. White goddess, ancient goddess of female fertility, mother goddess, goddess of the moon. Also the muse of poetry which originated in ritual worship of the goddess in primitive societies.
Irwin Shaw. American. 1948. Novel. The Young Lions. Stories of three men who meet only in the climactic scene. Attempts to salvage meaning from the wreckage of WWII.

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