Tuesday, January 20, 2009

10-Second Literature Reviews

Ancient Literature: Old Testament (7)

Micah. Predicts fall of Israel and Judah, but sees hope of redemption in Messiah.

Nahun. Short, poetic book. Prophesies bloody destruction of Nineveh in graphic detail.

Habakkuk. Questions actions of a god who uses wicked enemy to punish sinful people. Foresees final triumph over evil by forces of righteousness and faith.

Zephaniah. Before Babylonian captivity. Apocalyptic vision: warns of Day of Judgment. Exhortation to repent; prophesies restoration of Israel.

Haggai. After Israelites returned to Jerusalem from Babylonian captivity. Rebukes people for not rebuilding Temple. Encourages them to begin.

Zechariah. Time of restoration of Temple, 430 B.C. Contains same message as Haggai. Part 2 after death of Alexander the Great. Visions of Israel’s future, the Messiah.

Malachi. Last book of the Old Testament. After rededication of Temple in Jerusalem, 516 BC. Economic hardships of people and moral laxness. Criticizes priesthood. Reproves people for general indifference, apathy and for adultery and marriage to heathens. Foretells Judgment Day.

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