Monday, January 12, 2009

Ancient Literature: Old Testament (1)

Genesis. Creation, fall of man, expulsion from the Garden of Eden, flood, dispersion. Accounts of the lives of Patriarchs of Israel: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph.

Exodus. Escape by Jews from bondage in Egypt, led by Moses. Finally reach Canaan. Covenant with Yahweh. Moses’ birth, departure from Egypt, beginning of journey to Palestine. Ten Commandments.

Leviticus. Basic compendium of Jewish law. Instructions to priests on procedures for sacrifices. Ritual practices, rules of ethics, penalties for transgressors.

Numbers. Trip through wilderness, Mt. Sinai to Moab, on border of Promised Land. Mosaic law; Moses portrayed as prophet to whom God speaks directly.

Deuteronomy. Reiterates Mosaic law; death of Moses.

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