Monday, January 19, 2009

Ancient Literature: Old Testament (6)

Hosea. Life of Hosea with his unfaithful wife, i.e., God’s trials with sinful Israel. Catalog of Israel’s idolatrous impieties. Call to repentance. Promise of God’s blessing.

Joel. Plague of locusts and terrible drought. Repentance, fasting urged. Foretells return of God’s love and restored wealth of land.

Amos. Foretold destruction of Israel because of corruption, immorality, social injustice. Five visions, last of which promised redemption and rebuilding of Israel after all sinners have died “by the sword.”

Obadiah. Foretells destruction of Edom, enemy of Israel; prophesies deliverance of Israel.

Jonah. Disobeys Jehovah’s command to preach in Nineveh. Takes ship in opposite direction. God sends tempest. Sailors throw Jonah into sea. Swallowed by whale. Vomited on land. Told to go to Nineveh again and this time he goes.

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