Friday, September 11, 2009

1855 - 1856: Chronicles of Barsetshire to Madame Bovary

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

Anthony Trollope. British. 1855/67. Novels. Chronicles of Barsetshire. Cathedral town. Agitations among clerical families disturb the placidity of Barchester. Mrs. Proudie, etc.

Herman Melville. American. 1856. Stories. The Piazza Tales. Artist attempts to rival the power of God, Customer refuses to buy lightning rod: If you cannot control God, why fear him? Descriptive sketches based on 1841 voyage to the Galapagos Island.

Ivan Turgenev. Russian. 1856. Novel. Rudin. Traces the ineffectual career of the hero who impresses with brilliant, high-minded talk. However, he is unable to take decisive action. Frightened by the demands of love. When he tries to act, he loses his life. Hero represents the Russian “Superfluous Man.

Walt Whitman. American. 1856. Poetry. “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry.” Feels himself to be one with all those who cross on the ferry regardless of time and space.

Gustave Flaubert. French. 1856. Novel. Madame Bovary. Life of ordinary woman. Technique of amassing precise detail is key in development of the novel. Married to good-hearted, stupid village doctor. Romantic dreams unfulfilled. Adultery, debts, suicide.

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