Friday, September 25, 2009

1862 - 1863: Salambo to "Boston Hymn."

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

Gustave Flaubert. French. 1862. Novel. Salambo. Set in ancient Carthage. Traveled to Tunisia before writing. Precise, accurate documentation.

George Eliot. British. 1863. Novel. Romola. After marriage to a hedonistic man, Romola, a Florentine woman, comes under the influence of Savonarola and finds peace.

Longfellow. American. 1863. Poetry. Tales of a Wayside Inn. Structure modeled on the Canterbury Tales and the Decameron. Tales reflect Longfellow’s interest in the Middle Ages.

Charles Kingsley. British. 1863. Fantasy. The Water-Babies, a Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby. Adventures of a chimney sweep who falls into the river and is transformed into a miniature merman.

Emerson. American. 1863. Poetry. “Boston Hymn.” Celebrates freedom, denouncing kings and aristocrats. Fervent.

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