Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1924: Tamar.... to The Vortex

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

Robinson Jeffers. American. 1924. Poetry. Tamar and Other Poems. Based on the biblical story of Tamar, daughter of David who seduces her brother. Modern Tamar seduces her brother, father, neighbor and brings destruction on everyone.

Sidney Howard. American. 1924. Play. They Knew What They Wanted. California wine grower misleads his mail-order bride by sending a picture of his handsome hired man. He breaks his legs on his wedding day. She allows herself to be seduced by the hired man and becomes pregnant. He almost kills the hired man but relents.

Robinson Jeffers. American. 1924. Poetry. The Tower Beyond Tragedy. Based on the first two plays of the Oresteia of Aeschylus. Enlarges Cassandra’s role; incestuous desires of Electra and Orestes’ desire to break away from her.

Jose Eustacio Rivera. Colombia. 1924. Novel. The Vortex (La Voragine). Poet ventures into the Colombian jungle and discovers how thin is the veneer of civilization. In the face of the fierce, terrifying life of the Amazon basin, he succumbs to madness. Despair at not having lived to become a poet.

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