Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1927: American Songbag to Aspects of the Novel

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

Carl Sandburg. American. 1927. Folk. The American Songbag. Sandburg sang many of these songs on tour with banjo or guitar; “The Boll-Weevil.”

Franz Kafka. German. 1927. Amerika. Social misfit encounters numerous difficulties in attempts to settle down. Unfinished novel.

Don Marquis. American. 1927. Newspaper Feature. archy and mehitabel. Ribald adventures of cat mehitabel by archy, the cockroach, who can’t work the shift key on the typewriter.

EM Forster. British. 1927. Literary Criticism. Aspects of the Novel. All art aspires to the depth and effects of music. The novel is like a symphony. Flat and round characters.

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