Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1927: Bridge of San Luis Rey to Elmer Gantry

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

Thornton Wilder. American. 1927. Novel. Bridge of San Luis Rey. Was the broken bridge an accident or a deliberate plan of the Almighty to take five lives?

Arnold Zweig. German. 1927. Novel. The Case of the Sergeant Grischa. Longing for home, Russian POW escapes prison camp. He is caught by the Germans, says he is a Russian deserter, not knowing that deserters are shot. Confesses the truth; some officers agree to commute his sentence, but a vicious general has him executed anyway.

Willa Cather. American. 1927. Novel. Death Comes for the Archbishop. Missionary efforts of French bishop Latour and vicar Vaillant to start a diocese in New Mexico.

Sinclair Lewis. American. 1927. Novel. Elmer Gantry. Ex-football player becomes successful evangelist. Exposé of the evangelist ministries.

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