Monday, April 19, 2010

1929: Look Homeward Angel to Rise and Fall of the City Mahogany.

Chronology of world, British and American Literature

Thomas Wolfe. American. 1929. Novel. Look Homeward, Angel: A Story of the Buried Life. Becomes aware of relations among his family; meets eccentric people of the town; goes to college, discovers literature, ideas, has first love affair, sets out alone on mystic and romantic pilgrimage.

DH Lawrence. British. 1929. Novel. The Man Who Died. Retells Christ’s resurrection. Mates with a pagan priestess. Spiritual love. Christian emphasis on death denies life.

Robert and Helen Lynd. American. 1929. Study. Midddletown. Discrepancy between American egalitarian beliefs and class structure of American community.

Bertolt Brecht. German. 1929. Play. Rise and Fall of the City Mahogany. Set in the U.S. Strongly Marxist in thought. Object lesson about bourgeois decadence. City funded and populated by pleasure seekers collapses of economic, human contradictions.

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