Thursday, April 29, 2010

1932: Conquistador to Light in August

Chronology of World, British and American Literature.

Archibald MacLeish. American. 1932. Poetry. Conquistador. Based on an eyewitness account of the Spanish expedition to Mexico led by Cortez in the 16th century.

Paul Valery. French. 1932. Poetry. The Graveyard by the Sea. Dazzling noon of the Mediterranean coast and the clarity of timeless intellectuality. Contrast with decay.

Louis-Ferdinand Celine. French. 1932. Novel. Journey to the End of the Night. Cynical, disillusioned hero wanders aimlessly through war-torn Europe; embraces evil and death.

William Faulkner. American. 1932. Novel. Light in August. Concern with a society that classifies men by race, creed, origin. JC (Joe Christmas), part black, has affair with spinster, viewed with suspicion as a New Englander. When JC kills her, she becomes the symbol of the innocent, white female. JC is castrated and killed.

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