Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1929: "A Room of One's Own" to Street Scene.

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

Virginia Woolf. British. 1929. Essay. “A Room of One’s Own.” On the status of women and the difficulties of being a female artist.

William Faulkner. American. 1929. Novel. Sartoris. Bayard Sartoris returns from WWI, haunted by guilt for the death of his brother. Urge to self-destruction. Causes the death of his grandfather from a heart attack in an auto accident. Becomes a test pilot and is killed.

Andre Gide. French. 1929. Novel. The School for Wives. One of a trilogy. Position of women in the modern world.

William Faulkner. American. 1929. Novel. The Sound and the Fury. Radical experiment in form. Interior monologues. Compson family: last members of decaying aristocratic family in Mississippi. First section by Benji: literally a “tale told by an idiot.”

Elmer Rice. American. 1929. Play. Street Scene. Life in a slum tenement. Climax is a double murder. Naturalistic setting; one of the first plays to use realistic sound effects.

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