Monday, March 2, 2009

1200 to 1299: An Account of My Hut to The Circle of Chalk

Kamo no Chomei. Japanese. 1212. Autobiography. An Account of My Hut. Natural disasters in Kyoto. Life led by the author in hermitage. Impermanence of life. Buddhist tone.

Anonymous. British. 1215. Charter. Magna Carta. Permanently guaranteed that the king’s power must be limited by law. King could not levy taxes without consent of the realm. He could not imprison or deprive of property unless by judgment of peers and the law.

Guillaume de Lorris. French. 1230. Poem. Romance of the Rose, Part 1. An allegory of love.

Sa’Di. Persian. 1258. Poem. Gulistan. Collection of lyrics; moral reflections; witty, sweet; kings, dervishes, contentment, love, youth, old age, social duties. Stories and philosophical sayings. “Rose Garden.”

Anonymous. Chinese. 1259/1368. Play. The Circle of Chalk. Concubine’s lover is murdered by his wife. She blames the murder on the concubine. Whose child? King decrees that baby be placed in circle. Concubine and wife contest for the baby. However, the concubine will not pull on the baby. Therefore, the king awards the baby to the concubine, the real mother.

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