Friday, March 6, 2009

1300 to 1399: The Bruce to Vox Clamanti.

John Barbour. Scot. 1375. Epic Poem. The Bruce. Deeds of Robert Bruce, James Douglas and the struggle for Scottish independence.

John Gower. British. 1378. Poetry. Speculum Meditantis. Contest for men’s souls between the seven vices and the seven virtues. “Mirror of Men” of all classes in contemporary life.

Chaucer. British. 1379. Poetry. The House of Fame. Unfinished. Dream. Capriciousness of Lady Fame. House of Rumor, Gossip; each retelling results in greater falsity.

Chaucer. British. 1382. Poetry. The Parliament of Fowls. Does the lovely lady eagle choose the tercel who loved her longest, the tercel who loved her more truly, or the royal eagle who had Nature’s approval?

John Gower. British. 1382/84. Latin poetry. Vox Clamanti. Vivid description of Tyler’s Rebellion of 1381.

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