Thursday, April 9, 2009

1500 to 1599: King Henry V to Crabbed Age and Youth

Shakespeare. British. 1598/99. Play. The Life of King Henry V. Henry wins the battle Agincourt in 1415. He wins Catherine of Valois and is recognized as the heir of the French throne.

Shakespeare. British. 1599. Play. Julius Caesar. Conspiracy against Julius Caesar in which he is assassinated. Defeat of the conspirators by Antony and Octavius Caesar. The key is Antony’s speech in which he pretends to be a friend of the conspirators but turns the crowd against them.

Thomas Dekker. British. 1599. Play. Old Fortunatus. The goddess Fortune offers a beggar inexhaustible riches. They bring nothing but trouble.

Anonymous. British. 1599. Poetry. Crabbed Age and Youth. Series of antitheses between youth and age.

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