Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1500 to 1599: Sir Thomas More to Henry IV: Part I.

Anthony Monday. British. 1595. Play. Sir Thomas More. Significant episodes in the life of Thomas More. Partly rewritten by Shakespeare?

Edmund Spenser. British. 1595. Poetry. Colin Clouts Come Home Againe. Allegorical. Pastoral. Journey with Shepherd of Ocean, Raleigh, to the land of the shepherdess, Cynthia, Queen Elizabeth.

Shakespeare. British. 1596. Play. Romeo and Juliet. Lovers victims of deadly feud between their families, the Montagues and the Capulets.

Richard Johnson. British. 1596. Romance. The Famous History of the Seven Champions of Christendom. National patron saints of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Spain and Italy.

Shakespeare. British. 1597/98. Play. Henry IV: Part I. Hotspur, Prince Hal and Falstaff. Hal defeats the rebels and kills Hotspur, saving his father’s life.

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