Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1600 to 1699: La Dorotea to The Temple

Lope de Vega. Spanish. 1632. Romance. La Dorotea. In dialogue. Partly autobiographical, based on actress Elena Osorio with whom Lope had had an affair.

John Milton. British. 1632. Poetry. “Il Penseroso.” The pleasures of melancholy, contemplation, solitude and study.

John Donne. British. 1633. Poetry. “The Canonization.” The love between him and his mistress is deep and unworldly. They are saints of love. Vehemently colloquial and full of conceits.

George Herbert. British. 1633. Poetry. “The Collar.” Rebels against the profitless service of God. Abruptly, totally reconciled. The collar = the clerical collar.

George Herbert. British. 1633. Poetry. The Temple. Collection of 160 religious poems.

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