Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1600 to 1699: Donne, The Anniversaries to Novelas Ejemplares

John Donne. British. 1612. Poetry. The Anniversaries: Of the Progresse of the Soule. Concerned with the themes of intellectual disorder and temporal decay.

John Webster. British. 1612. Play. The White Devil, or Victoria Corombona. Husband killed so that she might marry duke of Bracciano. Revenge for his death.

John Webster. British. 1613. Play. The Duchess of Malfi. Disastrous marriage of noblewoman and commoner. Her lovers and her children all die.

Shakespeare. British. 1613. Play. The Famous History of the Life of King Henry VIII. Henry’s desire to wed Anne Boleyn. Wolsey tries to prevent the marriage and dies. Cranmer annuls the marriage to Katharine.

Cervantes. Spanish. 1613. Stories. Novelas Ejemplares (Exemplary Novels). Stories dealing with the author’s personal experience and practical philosophy.

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