Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1700 to 1799: "Hasty Pudding" to "Simon Lee"

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

Joel Barlow. American. 1796. Poetry. “The Hasty Pudding.” Mock epic. Describes making and eating New England mush.

Goethe. German. 1797. Epic Poetry. Hermann and Dorothea. Idyllic. Honesty and simplicity of the love between two main characters as a balance to the unrest of the times.

Coleridge. British. 1797. Poetry. “Kubla Khan.” Unfinished. Interrupted by a visitor. Precursor of symbolism and surrealism.

Friedrich Holderlin. German. 1797/99. Epistolary Novel. Hyperion or the Hermit in Greece. Set in modern Greece. Expresses the longing for the human, artistic perfection of ancient Greece.

Wordsworth. British. 1798. Poetry. “Simon Lee.” Helps an old huntsman dig up the root of a tree and learns of the huntsman’s life.

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