Friday, June 26, 2009

1800 - 1802: Castle Rackrent to Delphine.

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

Maria Edgeworth. British. 1800. Novel. Castle Rackrent. Dissolute life of Irish landlords of 18th century.

Friedrich Schiller. German. 1800. Play. Mary Stuart. Presents Elizabeth as unable to command Mary’s death. Hasty official is blamed.

Friedrich Schiller. German. 1801. Play. The Maid of Orleans. Joan of Arc. Emphasizes Joan’s idealism, refusal to be diverted by earthly temptations.

Francois Chateaubriand. French. 1801. Novel. Atala. Violent passion in the primeval woods of North America. Started the Romantic movement in French literature.

Mme. de Stael. French. 1802. Novel. Delphine. Epistolary. Unfulfilled love. In the end he is shot as a traitor. She poisons herself.

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