Monday, June 29, 2009

1802 - 1804: The Genius of Christianity to "Milton"

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

Francois Chateaubriand. French. 1802. Treatise. The Genius of Christianity. Extols Christianity. Describes it as the chief source of progress in the modern world.

Francois Chateaubriand. French. 1802. Romance. Rene. Set in America. Violently unhappy, morbidly introspective youth. Typical romantic.

Etienne Senancour. French. 1804. Novel. Oberman. Letters. Describes the author’s wanderings and moods. Restlessness, disillusionment, torment. Analytical. Introspective. Foreshadows modern fiction.

Friedrich Schiller. German. 1804. Play. Wilhelm Tell. Legend of famous Swiss hero. Vehicle for Schiller’s own idealism.

William Blake. British. 1804. Poetry. “Milton.” Milton returns to earth to correct misinterpretations of his works. Enters the spirit of Blake.

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