Friday, August 7, 2009

1840 - 1841: The Pathfinder to "Compensation."

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

James F. Cooper. American. 1840. Novel. The Pathfinder, Or the Inland Sea. Lake Ontario. French and Indian Wars. Natty Bumppo disappointed in love.

Ralph W. Emerson. American. 1841. Essay. “The Oversoul.” Concept of primal mind, cosmic unity of which all men partake. Keystone of Emerson’s philosophic thought.

Balzac. French. 1841. Novels. La Comedie Humaine (The Human Comedy). The name Balzac gave to the whole body of his work. France seen from a variety of perspectives. 2000 characters. Areas of study: manners (Parisian, country, political, military); philosophy and marriage.

Dickens. British. 1841. Novel. Barnaby Rudge. Anti-Catholic Gordon Riots, 1780. Cause: Government ignores the needs of the poor. Barnaby’s father is a murderer.

Emerson. American. 1841. Essay. “Compensation.” Every evil is balanced by a good. No need for an afterlife.

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