Friday, August 21, 2009

1846 - 1847: Poor Folk to Jane Eyre

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

Dostoevsky. Russian. 1846. Novel. Poor Folk. Epistolary. Hopeless love of poor timid clerk for poor woman who marries wealthy landowner.

Balzac. French. 1846. Novel. La Cousine Bette. Harsh old spinster masks frustration, bitterness behind fa├žade of good will. Destroys romance.

Johnson Jones Hooper. American. 1846. Novel. Some Adventures of Captain Simon Suggs, Late of the Tallapoosa Volunteers. Ridiculed folkways of the South.

Hawthorne. American. 1846. Story. “The Birthmark.” Scientist insists on removing small birthmark from otherwise perfect wife. With her imperfection removed, she is no longer human, and dies.

Bronte, Charlotte. British. 1847. Novel. Jane Eyre. Rochester, strange, violent, bereft of conventional courtesy, law to himself. Married to insane wife. Hero, heroine new types in English fiction. Not conventional heroine. No superficial beauty, charm.

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