Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1903: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm to The Way of All Flesh

Chronology of World, British and American Literature.

Kate Douglas Wiggin. American. 1903. Children’s Story. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Goes to live with maiden aunts, one of whom is a trial.

Gerhart Hauptmann. German. 1903. Play. Rose Bernd. Has child outside of wedlock. Murders it. Everyone who has used her, deserts her.

Thomas Mann. German. 1903. Novel. Tonio Kroger. Artist wants to be normal; realizes he can’t be and that this conflict is the source of his art.

Joseph Conrad. British. 1903. Novel. Typhoon. Stolid sea captain rides out tempest, brings crew and cargo to safety.

Samuel Butler. British. 1903. Novel. The Way of All Flesh. Father is pious bully of a clergyman. Mother is docile, sanctimonious. Neither is a sympathetic character or lovable. Theme: relations between parents and children. Satirical criticism of middle-class English family life. Finally devotes his life to literature and wins self-respect and genuine success.

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