Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1907: Cautionary Tales to The Longest Journey

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

Hilaire Belloc. British. 1907. Poetry. Cautionary Tales. Mock-heroic verses about fearful fates of children who chew string, tell lies, bang doors, etc.

James Joyce. Irish. 1907. Poetry. Chamber Music. Love poems. Influence of Elizabethan poets and Yeats.

Henry Adams. American. 1907. Autobiography. The Education of Henry Adams. Uses himself as a model of modern man searching for coherence in a fragmented universe.

O. Henry. American. 1907. Story. “The Last Leaf.” Sick woman decides to live until the last leaf drops off wall of building she can see from her sickbed. It never drops. It was painted on the wall by a friendly artist. She recovers.

E.M. Forster. British. 1907. Novel. The Longest Journey. Notable for picture of intellectual and social life of Cambridge students.

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