Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1909: "Retrieved Reformation" to Personnae

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

O Henry. American. 1909. Story. “Retrieved Reformation.” Reformed safe cracker reveals his past when he opens a safe in an emergency.

H.G. Wells. British. 1909. Novel. Ann Veronica. Heroine’s struggle for independence, sexual freedom and equality with men.

Seibert and Newton. American. 1909. Poem. “Casey Jones.” American ballad about train wreck, the Cannonball Express (1900). Driver born in Cayce, Ky., hence the nickname.

Paul Claudel. French. 1909. Verse Drama. The Hostage. Aristocratic woman sacrifices herself and marries a former servant. She hates him but dies by a bullet meant for him.

Ezra Pound. American. 1909. Poetry. Personnae. “Masks of the Actor.” Indebtedness to the monologues of Browning.

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