Monday, January 11, 2010

1905: Girl of the Golden West to White Fang.

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

David Belasco. American. 1905. Play. The girl of the Golden West. Heroine is a courageous saloonkeeper in Western mining camp who falls in love with an outlaw.

Edith Wharton. American. 1905. Novel. The House of Mirth. Intent is to satirize weaknesses of New York society. Lily Bart tries to climb the social ladder.

H.G. Wells. British. 1905. Novel. Kipps. Draper’s apprentice, suddenly wealthy, learns that he cannot live in high society.

George Bernard Shaw. British. 1905. Play. Major Barbara. Major in Salvation Army refuses to accept money from her millionaire father, owner of an armament company, and resigns. Learns that poverty, not sin, breeds crime.

Baroness Orczy. British. 1905. Novel. The Scarlet Pimpernel. Adventure story of the French Revolution. Fop is really the savior of condemned French aristocrats.

E.M. Forster. British. 1905. Novel. Where Angels Fear to Tread. Set in Italy. Effect of the land and culture on insular British personalities.

Jack London. American. 1905. Novel. White Fang. Reversion of tame dog to the wild. Brutally beaten by first owner who wants a ferocious dog. Rescued by mining engineer who domesticates him. Wounded while defending master’s family against an escaped convict.

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