Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1956: Long Day's Journey into Night to The Visit of the Old Lady.

Purpose of this blog: Brief summaries of World, British and American literary classics for English majors.

Eugene O’Neill. American. 1956. Play. Long Day’s Journey into Night. Harrowing domestic tragedy, offering clear insights into the character of O’Neill himself.

Vladimir Dudinstev. Russian. 1956. Novel. Not by Bread Alone. Criticism of Soviet bureaucratic establishment.

William Golding. British. 1956. Novel Pincher Martin. Shipwrecked man’s struggle to keep alive on a bare rock.

Romaine Gary. French. 1956. Novel. Roots of Heaven. Idealist fights to save the elephants in Africa, symbol of liberty.

Friedrich Durrenmatt. Swiss. 1956. Play. The Visit of the Old Lady. Billionaire woman returns to destitute hometown—offers money for the murder of her old lover who deserted her to “marry a shop” when they were young and poor. Townspeople hesitate, but then ritualistically execute him.

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