Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1960: The Alexandria Quartet: Clea to The Dumb Waiter.

Purpose of this blog: Brief summaries of World, British and American literary classics for English majors.

Lawrence Durrell. British. 1960. Novel. The Alexandria Quartet: Clea. Narrated by Darley. Idyllic love between him and serene painter, Clea.

Graham Greene. British. 1960. Novel. The Burnt-Out Case. Leper colony in the Congo. Famous architect is a spiritual leper.

Harold Pinter. British. 1960. Play. The Caretaker. Struggle for territory; ambiguous dialogue; sense of menace; keeping of identity in a world of conformity.

Harold Pinter. British. 1960. Play. The Dumb Waiter. Assassins awaiting victim, given orders on dumb waiter. One has remorse for the victim. Shot by the other.

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