Monday, August 23, 2010

1957: Look Back in Anger to The Alexandria Quartet.

Purpose of this blog: Brief summaries of World, British and American literary classics for English majors.

John Osborne. British.1957. Play. Look Back in Anger. Bitter at having no job after his education to prepare him. Frustrated fury against English class structure.

Jack Kerouac. American. 1957. Novel. On the Road. Chronicle of hitch-hiking trip across the U.S.; drifters alienated from “square” middle-class society. Classic of the beat movement.

John Braine. American. 1957. Novel. Room at the Top. Man’s hypocritical efforts to rise in his job, marry the boss’s daughter. Costs his mistress her life.

Lawrence Durrell. British. 1975/60. Novels. The Alexandria Quartet. Four-decker novel, based on relativity. Each novel contains different point of view about the same characters.

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