Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AD: Mahabharata to Confessions of Saint Augustine

Anonymous. India. 300. Epic poem. Mahabharata. Famous interpolation is the Bhagavadgita. Encyclopedia of Hindu life, legend and thought.

Heliodoros. Greek. 300. Romance. Ethiopica. Love between Theagenes, Chariclea; earliest extant Greek romance. Ten volumes. Frequently borrowed from.

Longus. Greek. 300-400? Poetry. Daphnis and Choloe. Pastoral. Love between the children of a goatherd and shepherd.

Council of Nicea. Catholic Church. 325. Creed. Nicene Creed. Asserts the divinity of Christ and faith in the Trinity vs. Arianism, the belief that Christ, the son, is not equal to the Father. Filioque clause: Holy Ghost proceeds from Son and Father. Cause of the schism between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches.

St. Augustine. Roman. 397-401. Autobiography. The Confessions of Saint Augustine. Introspective analysis of the author’s own spiritual experiences. First autobiography in literature. Shows the details of the soul’s progress from the enjoyment of the beauties outside itself to the study of its own nature, finally to the joy in knowledge of God. Focuses on his mother, his concubine, manichaeanism, neo-Platonism, and his conversion to Christianity.

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