Friday, February 13, 2009

AD. New Testament: Paul to Philemon to the Epistles of John

Bible. New Testament. Paul to Philemon. The only personal letter in the New Testament. To the master of a runaway slave asking him to forgive the slave. Christian social order: harmoniously includes slaves, rabbis and pagans.

Bible. New Testament. Paul to the Hebrews. Who actually wrote this letter? The role of Jesus as the highest priest of God. Christ’s personal sacrifice made for all.

Bible. New Testament. The Epistle of James. Who was the author? Moral obligation of Christians; Christian acts.

Bible. New Testament. The Epistles of Peter. Who was the author? Encourages Christians who suffered persecution. Suffering will be rewarded with salvation. Moral and ethical responsibilities as a means to holiness. Denounces moral laxity and false teachers. Knowledge of Jesus is most important.

Bible. New Testament. The Epistles of John. Warn against false teachings, especially Gnosticism. Adherence to the Ten Commandments and brotherly love. Concern about an arrogant, ambitious young Church official. Also the author of the Gospel?

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