Wednesday, February 11, 2009

AD: New Testament: Acts of the Apostles to Paul to the Ephesians

Bible. New Testament. Acts of the Apostles. Earliest history of the Christian church. Begins with the Ascension. Ends with the imprisonment of St. Paul. Author Luke? Preachings and events in lives of the apostles, especially Peter and Paul. Emphasis on Christianity as a universal religion, not restricted to Jews.

Bible. New Testament. Paul to the Romans. Profound exposition of the nature of Christianity. Christianity is the religion of the whole world with roots in the prophetic religion of the Jews.

Bible. New Testament. Paul to the Corinthians. Greek city of Corinth. Worldly, licentious atmosphere of the city. Internal dissension. First-century Christians’ problems with the Pagan world. Discussion of Christian love.

Bible. New Testament. Paul to the Galatians. Defense of Paul’s authority. Received the Gospel directly from God, not from the 12 apostles. Universality of the Christian faith.

Bible. New Testament. Paul to the Ephesians. God’s plan to unite all humanity in Jesus. The Church’s role in working of the plan. Probably written by someone else.

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