Tuesday, February 10, 2009

AD: Ovid's Metamorphoses to New Testament: John

Ovid. Roman. AD8. Tales. Metamorphoses. Figures of myth, legend and history; from the creation through Julius Caesar to Augustus.

Bible. New Testament. Matthew. Unique in tracing Christ’s ancestry back through David and Abraham. Emphasizes Jesus as the Messiah. Probably written for Jewish readers. Most complete account of the saying of Jesus. Mark is more a narrative of actions. Written in Greek. Does not seem to be an eyewitness account. Some evidence that the author drew on the accounts of Mark and Luke.

Bible. New Testament. Mark. Earliest account of Christ’s life? Missionary companion of Barnabas, Peter, Paul? John the Baptist. Christ’s baptism. Miracles and teachings. Denial by Peter. Mockery of Jesus. The Crucifixion. Resurrection. Ascension to heaven. Source of the gospels of Matthew and Luke.

Bible. New Testament. Luke. Greek physician and painter; also author of Acts of the Apostles. John the Baptist, birth, ministry in Galilee, journey to Jerusalem. Crucifixion, resurrection, ascension. High literary merit.

Bible. New Testament. John. Most spiritual account of Jesus’ life. Meaning of his life and death. Less emphasis on recounting events. Emphasis on the incarnation. Truly man and God. Betrayal by Judas, crucifixion, resurrection.

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