Monday, February 9, 2009

BC: De amicitia (Friendship) to Ars Poetica

44 BC. De amicitia (Friendship). Cicero. Roman. Essay. Dialogue on the subject of friendship.

44 BC. De senectute (Old Age). Cicero. Roman. Essay on old age in the form of a dialogue. The advantages of serene old age.

43/37 BC. Bucolics. Virgil. Roman. Poetry. Ten pastoral poems. The Bucolics influenced the pastoral tradition after the Renaissance. Calm elegance is the dominant tone of pastoral verse.

37/30 BC. Georgics. Virgil. Roman. Poetry. Four books. Didactic. Agriculture is the subject. Based on Hesiod’s Works and Days. The work of a philosopher-poet. Advice on farming in general. Lament over the ills following the assassination of Julius Caesar. Paean to the crops and the heroes of Italy. Care and propagation of livestock. Describes the effect of a plague that killed all living things. Tales of miraculous regeneration. The tale of Orpheus and Eurydice.

19 BC. Aeneid. Virgil. Roman. Poetry. Twelve books. The Trojan origin of the Roman people, from the Trojan hero Aeneas to Octavius (Augustus).

13 BC. Ars Poetica. Horace. Roman. Poetry. Rules for writing poetry. Influenced English critics of the Renaissance and post-Renaissance.

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