Thursday, July 9, 2009

1816: Headlong Hall to The Antiquary

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

Thomas Love Peacock. British. 1816. Novel. Headlong Hall. Brilliantly witty. Satire on the idealistic aspirations of romanticism.

Lord Byron. British. 1816. Poetry. “The Prisoner of Chillon.” Effects of long imprisonment—he has become used to it.

Jane Austen. British. 1816. Novel. Emma. Emma plays matchmaker and causes trouble. Themes of self-delusion, class and decorum. Includes the garrulous Miss Bates.

Jose Fernandez de Lizardi. Mexican. 1816. Novel. The Itching Parrot. Engaging rogue. Realistic picture of Mexican society on the eve of independence.

Sir Walter Scott. British. 1816. Novel. The Antiquary. Scott’s favorite. Love of William Lovel for daughter of Sir Arthur Wardour in the time of George III.

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