Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1822 - 1823: "Dream Children...." to "Dissertation on Roast Pig"

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

Charles Lamb. British. 1822. Essay. “Dream Children: a Reverie.” Imaginary conversations with children he has never had.

James F. Cooper. American. 1823. Novel. The Pioneers, or The Source of the Susquehanna. Natty Bumppo: the laws of nature vs. the laws of civilization.

Sir Walter Scott. British. 1823. Novel. Quentin Durward. Set in 15th-century France. Saved king’s life and wins countess’s hand in marriage.

Clement Clarke Moore. American. 1823. Poetry. “A Visit from St. Nicholas.” Written by a scholar who taught Oriental and Greek literature.

Charles Lamb. British. 1822/33. Essay. “A Dissertation on Roast Pig.” Humorous account of the “accidental discovery” of the process of cooking pork.

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