Monday, July 27, 2009

1830 - 1831: The Red and the Black to "The City in the Sea"

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

Stendahl. French. 1830. Novel. The Red and the Black. Plot is romantic. Portrait of hero’s inner state is realistic.

Aleksandr Pushkin. Russian. 1830. Stories. Tales of Belkin. Stationmaster is one of the first characeters in Russian literature who is not a member of the nobility.

Oliver Wendell Holmes. American. 1830. Poetry. “Old Ironsides.” Written when Holmes read of the Navy’s plans to scrap the old frigate.

Aleksandr Pushkin. Russian. 1831. Verse Drama. Eugene Onegin. Byronic hero. Bored. In duel kills friend. Hollow, artificial. Ironic narrator. Not interested in woman when she is interested in him. When he is interested in her, she will have none of him.

Edgar Allan Poe. American. 1831. Poetry. “The City in the Sea.” Grim landscape. Description of shrine. Melodic.

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