Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1876 - 1877: Tom Sawyer to Black Beauty.

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

Mark Twain. American. 1876. Novel. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Tom and Huck witness a murder, flee, return home to hear their own eulogies.

Stephane Mallarme. French. 1876. Poetry. “The Afternoon of a Faun.” Wandering thoughts of a faun on a drowsy summer afternoon.

Ivan Turgenev. Russian. 1877. Novel. Virgin Soil. Concerns the revolutionary movement in Russia. A revolutionary discovers that he is not fitted to be a revolutionary leader and in despair kills himself. His wife marries again and works for a democratic Russia in a more gradual, realistic way.

Gustave Flaubert. French. 1877. Story. “A Simple Heart.” Endless self-denial of Felicite’s existence. Only her faith remains.

Anna Sewell. British. 1877. Novel. Black Beauty, the Autobiography of a Horse. Imaginary autobiography of a horse. Describes ill treatment. Pleads for humane treatment of animals.

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