Thursday, October 22, 2009

1878 - 1879: "Marshes of Glynn" to Green Henry.

Chronology of World, British and American Literature

Sidney Lanier. American. 1878. Poem. “The Marshes of Glynn.” Reconciles the techniques of music and poetry. Sea marshes of Glynn County, Georgia.

Henry James. American/British. 1878. Novel. The Europeans. Visit of European artist and Baroness sister to New England relatives. Comic treatment.

Henrik Ibsen. Norwegian. 1879. Play. A Doll’s House. Nora sheltered, petted by her father, then by her husband. Seeks to go out on her own to become a full human being.

George Meredith. British. 1879. Novel. The Egoist. Sir Willoughby has it all except humility and a sense of humor. His visiting lover wants out. Romantic mixups.

Gottfried Keller. German. 1879/80. Novel. Green Henry. Bildungsroman. Hasn’t talent to be a painter. Neglects his mother. She dies and he feels guilt (Version 1). Version 2: Mother dies. Henry adjusts himself to a life of civic service as a government official.

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