Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1881 - 1882: A Modern Instance to Vice-Versa.

Chronology of World, British and American Literature.

William Dean Howells. American. 1881. Novel. A Modern Instance. Social realism. Ethics and character in the context of marriage. Desertion and divorce.

Jorge Echegaray. Spanish. 1881. Play. El Gran Galeoto (Gossip). Suspected couple are innocent, but can’t withstand the gossip. Woman’s husband dies in a duel over her honor.

Frank R. Stockton. American. 1882. Story. “The Lady or the Tiger.” Youth falls for king’s daughter. Condemned. Must open one of two doors. Behind one is a tiger. Behind the other is a lovely lady [not the Princess] to be given him in marriage. The Princess knows which is which. She signals. Which door does he open? We’ll never know.

Walt Whitman. American. 1882. Poetry. Specimen Days and Collect. Poet’s youth, Civil War experiences and some reminiscences in old age.

F Anstey. 1882. Novel. Vice-Versa, or A Lesson to Fathers. Transformation of father into son and son into father.

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